The Ultimate Worm Composting Knowledge ePack

For the gardener who wants easy, free, high quality compost.

The Ultimate Guide To Worm Composting eBook 

and  3 Month Worm Composting Planner 

and  3 to-the-point, success Guides

The Ultimate Worm Composting Knowledge Pack will show you:

  • How to setup a new worm compost the right way
  • How to feed the worms correctly, keep the compost airy and healthy, and harvest easily
  • How to use the castings properly and how to make REAL worm tea
  • How to start, progress, harvest, and restart your worm compost routinely

All while weaving in the main principles of long worm composting success.

Simple, clear explanations with actionable step-by-step instructions.

Quickly become proficient and confident
at easily producing lots of great compost 

and keeping fat happy hardworking worms.

The Only Worm Composting Handbook You Need

The Ultimate Guide To Worm Composting Success
How To Start, Manage & Harvest Your Worm Compost In 3 Months

This is the practical worm composting handbook I wish I had when I got started.

Over 20 pages of detailed & illustrated information,  laid out in easy actionable steps, starting right from the beginning all the way through to harvesting the gold,  teaching you the principles of repeatable worm composting success.

5 Keys To Easy & Successful
Worm Composting

The worm composting process as 5 Keys or principles that  guide effective,  straightforward,  pleasant composting and big results in the garden.

The 3 Most Common Worm
Composting Mistakes

This guide, a chapter from the main handbook, shows you the most common worm composting mistakes and how to completely avoid them.

3 Month Worm Composting
Planner & Guide

The printable planner, guide and start-to-finish record keeping companion to The Ultimate Guide To Worm Composting Success handbook.

How To Use Worm Castings
In The Garden

This guide, also covered in the main handbook, points you to effectively using your castings for dramatic long term garden improvement.

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